Professional Development


Photo: Peter Golden with Teacher Consultants

Co-Director Peter Golden Leading Fellows

Additional Ways the BWP Can Work with Teachers and Schools

A BWP teacher consultant will work one-on-one with select teachers in a process whereby the writing project teacher would identify aims and questions at an initial meeting, conduct a classroom observation, and then have a post-visit conversation providing feedback to the practitioner

After School Writing and Response Group
A chance for teachers to meet on a regular basis with a BWP facilitator to share their own writing and provide feedback to each other on writing pieces.

Teacher Inquiry Group
Teachers use a classroom inquiry model to identify an educational concern that they want to observe in their classrooms. They meet regularly over the course of a year to write, pose questions, research and discuss.

Graduate Courses Provided On-Site for Schools, Districts, or Collaboratives

The Boston Writing Project offers on-site three-credit graduate courses for up to twenty-five teachers, support staff, and administrators from a school, district, or collaborative. Sites can opt to purchase a single course or the entire fifteen-credit Certificate in the Teaching of Writing in the Schools. Graduate credits will be awarded through the Continuing Education Program at the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

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